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The North Western Repeater Group was formed in 1976 to provide reliable mobile communication between Amateur Radio operators in it's coverage area detailed below. It currently operates GB3RF. The group meets at The Globe Bowling Club, Willows Lane, Accrington, Lancashire on the Third Thursday of each month starting at 8-00pm.
Membership of the group currently costs £15.00 per year direct to the Treasurer or £16.00 by PayPal (the extra pound offsets the paypal charges), renewable after 12 calendar months.
To join, either contact the Treasurer or use the 'Subscribe' button below. 
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GB3RF was located on Hameldon Hill near Burnley in Lancashire for many years until site fee increases forced a change of site to its new location in Accrington, Lancashire. OS Grid Ref: SD 755272. It operates on channel R7 (New designation - RV62).
(27/09/2016) The repeater has now been updated with a MMDVM unit running with a Raspberry Pi. This now gives the repeater the additional features of having DSTAR and DMR as well as adding Internet connectivity to enable the connection to the various Talk Groups and Reflectors that are availble for each of the digital modes.
In order to ensure that the CTCSS code identifier is transmitted the beacon function of the MMDVM is enabled. Unfortunately the internal Ident. of the repeater needs to remain enabled in order to comply with the licencing conditions. This is because if FM is in use for any length of time the MMDVM beacon with be inhibited due to the way the unit is interfaced.
In order to use DSTAR on GB3RF you will need to set your radio with the following settings:
Recent DSTAR activity on GB3RF can be seen here.
GB3RF is set to connect to DCS005B at startup. If a user switches the repeater to any other reflector then that reflector will remain in use whilst there is local DSTAR traffic. If there is no local DSTAR traffic for a period of 30 minutes the repeater will reconnect to DCS005B.
The MMDVMHost software in use at GB3RF provides the ability to Blacklist users and prevent use of the repeater.
Use of Blacklisting is confined to only two instances:
1) A blatant breach of Amateur Radio Licencing conditions on the repeater, in which case Ofcom will also be involved. This alleviates the need to close down the repeater in the event of user licencing breaches.
2) Where any operator has been requested to desist from specific activity and has failed or refused to do so.
The Repeater Keeper reserves the right to remove or add a user to the blacklist at any point.
Help on how to operate DSTAR can be found here.
Recent DMR activity on GB3RF can be seen here.
Currently active YSF Reflectors can be seen here.
Further instructions and information will be added over time.

The MMDVM Dashboard can be accessed here.
GB3RF Details
R7 (RV62)
Output Frequency
145.775 MHz
Input Frequency
145.175 MHz
Multi - Analogue FM, DSTAR, DMR and C4FM (FDMA)
82.5 Hz
20 Watts
GB3RF - Coverage as calculated by the ETCC (July 2017)
(scroll your mouse wheel while over the image to further zoom in or out)
Coverage map Key :- Blue = Predicted Good / Useable signal area, Violet = Poor area (expect some drop out)


Club Net
The club has a weekly net held on Thursday evenings at 19:00 on GB3RF. If 'RF is in use by other operators then it is suggested that members call on S20 (FM) or 144.6125 MHz (Digital) and QSY appropriately.


Brian - 2E0MZD
Nick - M6NJI
Peter - M0NWI
Membership Secretary
Ian - G0BMH
Repeater Keeper
Neil - M0NFI

The constitution of the North Western Repeater Group and ARC can be viewed here.

The secure members only area can be found here.

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